Walk-Jog Trail Committee

December 11, 2018 / Comments Off on Walk-Jog Trail Committee


Committee Members

The first meeting turned out much better than expected, with representation from all three phases and a good range in interests:

Phase I:

  • Terry has a interest is in conservation

Phase II:

  • Victor's interest is creative an active life style for the young and elder
  • Kirsten is passionate about natural life and creative habitats

Phase III:

  • Jenniffer, with a new born, misses hiking
  • Thomas wants to play outside and discover wildlife available at Pine Bluff
  • Drew just thinks it is a good idea

So it does not matter your reasons, there is a place for you in this or any other committee.  Get involved!

Highlights from the meeting

  1. Overview
    1. The utilization of existing grounds to create trails/pathways (hiking/running) that welcomes all ages, fitness levels, and interests that meet the 3-pillars: preservation, enjoyment, and safety.
  2. Select Chairperson
    1. We need a volunteer to serve as the liaison between the committee and the board of director
  3. ID opportunities
    1. Goal Markets
    2. Equipment Stations
    3. Use mulch instead of pavers in areas when endangered species are present thus no need for mowing
    4. 2 miles trail across and around the community
    5. Berm's scenic walk
    6. To showcase Tract A with gardens and pathways
  4. Set the scope of work and timeline
    1. Get pricing from vendors to level terrain
    2. A knowledgeable volunteer who can help us design the trails and suggest ideas everyone could enjoy
    3. Survey perimeter, mark indigenous specimens that should be protected so trail may be designed around those.
    4. Make recommendations of plants that need relocation and/or integration
    5. Help in segmenting project into phases and create timeline
  5. Present proposal to Board of Director during March 2019's HOA meeting

Next meeting is scheduled for the second Monday in January 2019.  Location will be announced and time will depend on those interested in attending, so sign up today!