Speeding Taskforce

January 12, 2019 / Comments Off on Speeding Taskforce

Traffic and Parking

Homeowner Tash and homeowner Victor, both from Fox Trail just had it and are ready to take action on a different approach: make the City of Minneola accountable.  But they need help from all 243 residents.

Per homeowner Jay, from Jayhil Dr (similarity in names is purely a coincidence), shared that the problem is not limited to Fox Trail Ave.  He has witness a numerous of time vehicles speeding to/from the drivers' respective homes.

So what is it that Tash and Victor are planning on doing?

  1. Get everyone's signature to demand for a resolution that will stop this problem.
  2. Recruit a group of affected residents (renters and owners) to voice their stories before City Council.
  3. Research why speeding deterrents are not allowed in our community despite they -allegedly- exists in other communities within the City of Minneola jurisdiction.

Whey we need your help!

Because anything we have tried before has failed and the power is in the numbers.  We MUST do something before a tragedy happens!


Join the effort!

Because speeding isn't cool!