Walk-Jog Trail

Within a mile from the future Coast-to-Coast trail that is currently over 40 miles -Groveland to Apopka- it just makes sense to start warming up around our neighborhood.

  1. Over 9,000 lineal feet (almost 2 miles) around and across the community -lime green
  2. About 1,500 feet berms with breathtaking views -blue
  3. Over 235,000 square feet (SF) of inner common grounds (Fox Trail drive around and Jackpine) -Red
  4. About 150,000 SF of open space (from playground to Sequoia Valley Ct) -Orange
  5. 90,000+ SF of tranquil bird and butterfly gardens on the west end - Forest green
  6. Plus a few 10's of thousands of SF conservation land owned by your community! - Gray

There is a great potential!

Get involved!

...because concept and execution are two different things!

Natural Habitats

Did you know that...:

  1. We have bald eagles nesting on or around our community?
  2. An abundance of protected tortoise (gofers) using Pine Bluff as their homes?
  3. Over 20 different species of butterflies?
  4. More than 15 types of birds?
  5. ....bunnies, foxes and other more common wildlife?

As part of our Master Plan, we are creating natural habitats to promote the creation of micro and sustainable ecosystem.


Everything starts at home!

We realized that our community and residents could use a little more TLC.   So, we started doing exactly that!

  1. Implementation of better channels of communications that's suitable for all generations (no Snapchat just yet...)
  2. Creating a -huge- list of items that need attention/resolutions, evaluate, plan and execution
  3. More efficient use of resources (i.e. management company, processes, vendors management, others)


  1. More community program
  2. More amenities
  3. Defined value propositions (i.e. Preserve-Enjoyment-Safety, others)
  4. Reach-out initiatives

We are just starting and thrive in a culture of constructive feedbacks!  

There is so much more...