Porch.com survey of HOA fines
Source: https://magazine.realtor/daily-news/2019/10/08/half-of-homeowners-say-they-ignore-hoa-fines?AdobeAnalytics=ed_rid%3D6731673%26om_mid%3D1500%7CRealtorMagNews_2019_10_08%26om_nytpe%3DREALTOR%20MAG%20NEWS Homeowners seem to have a love-hate relationship with their homeowners associations. They appreciate those that mow the lawn,
HOA Endorses Basketball Hoops In 2013 the Board of Directors (aka BOD  and mistakenly referred to as HOA), began a
I Prefer Robots, brought to you by Pine Bluff of Minneola
Save the day... ...for an intimate, early evening relaxing family entertainment in a quiet corner of our community! A seasoned
Homeowner Tash and homeowner Victor, both from Fox Trail just had it and are ready to take action on a
Pine Bluff of Minneola's board consist of five Directors and we are short two.  Thus, we are looking for two
Committee Members The first meeting turned out much better than expected, with representation from all three phases and a good
Heads Up to the upcoming Dock Survey During the meeting of 08-Nov-2018 it was agreed by the board to conduct
Did you know? Another feature about our community is that approximately 1/5+ of the south boundary is designated a conservation
ARC Tracker As some of you may know, Pine Bluff utilizes ARC Tracker, an online tool allowing you to submit,