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Headlines and Notices

November 12, 2018 During the meeting of 08-Nov-2018 it was agreed by the board to conduct an online survey on whether to fix or remove the dock.  Please be on the lookout for an email from the HOA with the...

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Landscape Installation Phase I

October 6, 2018 Over 15 varieties of Central Florida native species, highly adaptable to the region's weather and appetizing to local pollinators and bird, as well as transients ones.   Once established,...

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Sidewalk Pressure Wash

October 4, 2018 In July 2018, every sidewalk in the common areas was pressure washed.    We are looking to continue doing so on regular basis.     Please maintain your sidewalk safe, especially...

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Tree Services

October 4, 2018 As you may have noticed, our trees were serviced in August 2018 by showcasing their natural beauty and consistency with our Master Plan: Preservation, Enjoyment and Safety.   This...

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PLM – New Ground Maintenance Company

October 4, 2018 Precision Landscape Management (PLM) was awarded a 1-year ground services agreement.  Among all the companies that participated in the bidding process, they offered the right combination...

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The Dock

October 4, 2018   The board if assessing and evaluating various options on how to tackle one of the community amenity: fix vs demolition.   Therefore, quotes are being gathered for both scenarios....

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Parking Lot of Minneola

October 4, 2018 The City's solution to our parking problem City of Minneola is considering using the land given to them by the Developer who built Pine Bluff of Minneola as a parking lot and therefore...

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