Basketball Hoops

March 29, 2019 / Comments Off on Basketball Hoops


HOA Endorses Basketball Hoops

In 2013 the Board of Directors (aka BOD  and mistakenly referred to as HOA), began a long process to amend Pine Bluff of Minneola's  covenant.  This efforts produced the 4th amendment, that consisted of multiple changes residents asked for.

Among those revisions, Section 25 of Article VIII, entitled basketball hoops was amended to state:

“Section 25. Play Structure and Yard Accessories. All yard accessories and play structures and any other fixed games, shall be located at the rear of the residential structure, within the set back lines toward the house. Provided however, this restriction shall not apply towards basketball hoops or backboards which may be erected on the front, rear or sides ofthe house. However, notwithstanding the proceeding, prior to erecting any basketball hoop or backboard on any portion of the Lot or house, the Owner must first obtain approval through the Design Review Board under the requirements set forth in Article IX below.”

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