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What is it and why the ARC?

The Architectural Review Committee, or commonly known as ARC and referred to in the covenant as ARB, is a group of residents who serve as volunteers.  Their task is to help preserve the community original identity, the very reason most homeowners invested in Pine Bluff of Minneola.

For every outdoor home improvement you do, an ARC Request must be submitted via our ARC Portal.  The ARC team will help homeowners get their project going in ways that are in alignment with covenants, bylaws, city and even state regulations and codes.  They will guide you through processes that add value to both your investment and the community, while making sure every one is safe.

Benefits of the ARC


Our experiences with the ARC process has been great! The ARC team has been very helpful, friendly and informative. With open communication and understanding from all we can continue to make our neighborhood beautiful and safe!Jay & Natascha


ARC works for you

Examples of how the ARC protects your investment, your property and life


There will be some fun fence designs that we will love to have, yet will our neighbors agree?  As we recognized the beauty in diversity, our community was originally designed with a specific characteristics we must preserve.


Imagine that by accident you forget to seek guidance on your new roof project and later find out that it has to be replaced to comply covenant!  Ouch!  Something rather simple, suddenly turned into a nightmare!


The ARC team also oversees safety!  We love our hills, yet some of us would like to enjoy a leveled backyard.  Why not?  Failing to build within code could hurt you and loved ones, and cause more damage than good.

City of Minneola

We work with our partners to serve you better!

Planning and Zoning

The City of Minneola's Planning Department should be your next stop!  In most instances, they will be able to tell you if you need a permit -of not.  More importantly, the Planning Department's blessing keep more cash in your pocket by avoiding stiffed fines and unnecessary expenses.

  • (352) 394-3598 x 171
  • (352) 394-3598 x 172

Building Department

This group works hard for your safety and the safety of others!  Their expert advice is founded by a thorough knowledge of the local, county, state and federal code system.  Did you know that as a homeowner, you can be the contractor?  You could pull the permit yourself for most home improvement projects and safe money (talk to them to learn more).

  • Inspections (24 hours): (352) 394-3598 x181
  • Customer Service: (352) 394-3598, x180
  • Corporate: (813) 975-7436